Are these my Lightbulbs or my Lullabyes? 

Whenever someone close to us passes on, those quintessential philosophical questions plague each and every one of us.  Suddenly, we become a philosopher and detective.  Here's one thing that comes with the thought of death when one is not dealing with it head-on that we each realize at some point, also; when we see a group of people on the news that have been killed, it's always uttered by someone (followed by a series of murmured 'mmhmms' and nods) '…and just think about it; each single one of those people had a life; they aren't just a number…..each and every one of them had a family and a love and passion…..'etc., etc., etc.  But here's one thing that we humans fail to recognize in times where we face death close to us or far from us; not only did those persons have lives and families, did they not have a purpose in life?  …Where do our purposes go when we die?  Are they handed down to another new life in rebirth?  What if we do not accomplish God's purpose in our lifetime?  Is a new soul simply assigned to the task?

Each of us, whether we admit to it or not, have creative inspirations and philosophic breakthroughs…..things that we would never try to talk to others about; for instance, I might be pondering or writing one evening, and have a complete philosophic and mental breakthrough pertaining to life or the world or love; however, this idea is much too chaotic in my brain to ever try to sort it out enough to explain it to another.  Even when we're married, in love, or sharing a life with someone (that ONE person that you can talk to about 'anything'), these are the crazy things that we think up that are so brilliant and weighty and new, that we can only share them with God or think them to death.  So that's what we do; we think these things to death.  What if every person shared these thoughts?  How much better off would our world be if every person were to be completely honest and real and open-minded about others' thoughts?  What if?  Would we be a more peaceful world of  free-thinking Greek philosophers if we were to share our deepest, most profound thoughts?  Or would we be a society of preachers that were so heavily convinced by our own creative ideas that we'd be worse off and more close-minded than we are now?

Also, another thing.  Murder.  Genocide.  Homicide.  When a group of people is mercilessly killed, where do their creative hidden inspirations go?  Are they, like our life purposes, recycled into the next being?  Or are they lost forever? 

So maybe I'm going to do it; maybe I'll be the one person ever to write down every single one of those inner epiphanies in my brain that I never wanted to share with people when I was alive, so that history, and subsequently, people, can benefit from my brain-teasing philosophies.  I don't mean that I'm going to be one of those nutty diary people that's on Oprah, writing down every five minutes of every day……forget that.  I mean, what would be the worst that could happen?  If I keep these writings hidden somewhere to be found after my passage into the afterlife, would I risk these being found and taken as absolute psychosis, only to be remembered as 'a thinker, but much too ahead of our time and a little crazy'?  Or would people gain perspective and revere them?  Would they really develop and test these theories, or regard them as simply poetic insight and revere me more as an intellectual than previously thought?  The point of this idea is not to be remembered like no other, or be respected more after death; the point is to try to have a blind, uninvolved, third-person point-of-view to guide people.  What would happen if every person eventually shared their philosophies and intellectual innovations?  The world could be so much fuller and have so many more options.  The reason that the time of release of these thoughts is after passage into the next world may sound odd, but, if you really think about it, for some reason, we humans tend to respect one's opinions and beliefs more when they've died.  I don't know why, but we definitely do. 

So, maybe I'll do it.  But who knows?  I don't want to be remembered as a crazy person. 

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