That One Perfect Woman...
Admit it ladies: We all want to be the quintessentially quirky and modestly/mysteriously beautiful one that every guy loses his mind know, the one who's spirit and image are so vulnerable and yet so strong and unwavering.  She's uneducated, and yet so much more intellectual and wise than any being you'll ever meet.  While shes brazen and relentless, shes also as delicate and soft as a lily; while she smokes her cigarettes and swears, she does so with a complete elegance and entrances us with her cunning thoughts on life and love. 
She is the complete embodiment of all that is woman.....that one woman who makes even the most free man break down (without conscious effort), and the only woman with spunk enough to leave that man....the one who no man can stop himself from falling in love with.  We can find this intricately dichotomous being in such films as Garden State, Closer, Three to Tango, or in songs like Amie by Damien Rice, Lilac Wine by Jeff Buckley, or Kate by Ben Folds.  Shes also well-represented in books like The Unbearable Lightness of Being, by Milan Kundera, or even in classics, such as Emma, and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, or The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton.  (This is just a small sampling of the spectrum of works that have touched on the subject; surely everyone can relate to several other works that may illustrate this woman even better.) 
This woman's creators, (songwriters, lyricists, authors, and screenwriters) have always introduced this quirky woman with lightness and liberality in her step, concentrating on the traits that, in a traditional universe, would make her imperfect; her cute imperfections and flaws are what make her so irresistible to the fascinated audience.  For example, think of Natalie Portman's character in Garden State: I'm doing something that no one else has ever done before.  Or, Neve Campbell's character in Three to Tango: I'm making three completely different sounds at once.  Because no one thought of the idea, it makes this woman genius and insightful, immediately lovable. 
Another distinguishing characteristic that makes this being so irresistible to men and women is that shes a completely free spirit, while also completely vulnerable and connected to the man that she loves; (that one lucky man that gets to have her as his prize) she loves him more than any woman has ever loved any man throughout history, and her creators are careful to assert that.  However, what completely bewitches us about her is her innate ability to leave this man and affirm her independence and perfection as a spirit. 
Why am I ranting and raving?  Because society, for centuries, has set this woman as the standard for which love must be measured.  Millions of women want to be this impossible being, as if to make every man in the world run through swords, through seas! just to have her love; no man can resist her (even the most brazen, unattached, free man), and every one of the aforementioned works can insist just that. 
After we watch, read, or hear one of these works, somewhat of a void is placed in our hearts and our considering minds; for men, the question is: Why haven't I met this (one) woman?, and for ladies, its: Why am I not her?  The concept that most intrigues me about this entire situation is that the people whom are audience to the ideas that are conjured by these movies, books, and songs are most certainly intellectual and wise people!  While, in perfect reasoning, one can derive that people from fiction are non-existent and impossible as true beings, we still subconsciously cling to the ideals represented by this one perfectly imperfect woman to be the judge of every real woman.  This is true to men and to women: men want this woman, and search for her, believing that she is really somewhere, waiting to be found (after all, centuries of respected literature and lyric couldn't be wrong, could it?), and women strive (with every fiber of their beings) to be this woman! 
Millions of men want this woman to be a truth because they want to be hypnotized by this perfectly imperfect woman.  The point is: (fortunately, for all of us), this woman does not exist.  The perhaps closest image we may receive of this woman, throughout history as a whole, would be Venus.  However, the transparency of time has even erased the image of Venus from our minds. 
This woman can not exist for one simple reason: she makes the ideal of true love impossible.  This is because the idea of true love represents one man for every woman.  If this woman were to exist, she, in the present day, would be the hypnotic force that sought the love of every man alive.  However, we know that there are plenty of men who have already found their true love.  (All of this, of course, is based on the understanding of true love.)* 
Again, this woman can not exist, because this entire concept would be ruined.  Would we rather believe in one perfect woman that steals the hearts of all men, or believe in the idea of true love?  Its all a question of philosophy and personal belief, but, in reviewing the time-tested facts, true love reigns supreme again. 
So, men: stop holding women to this impossible standard which does not exist.  The creators of this woman had great intentions; to use his or her talents to embody all that is the woman that he or she has personally known and loved, and NOT to represent the idea of the perfect woman for all men.  The woman that each of these artists have illustrated for us has been his or her best individual representation of his or her true love, although his or her best representation will never be even close to the true feeling that they possess (for this woman). 
And women: don't wish to be this woman!  For if you were her, instead of finding true love with one man, you would only find absolute captivation and hypnotization with every man you'd meet; while this sounds like every woman's dream, it can not even touch the joy and perfection of the lifetime that true love could bring. 
* True love, in this application, can be described as the (elongated) epiphany of one human being about another that can not be seen by any other human being.  For instance, a man falling in love with a woman means that he has found something in that woman that no other being has ever seen about her, not even the woman herself.  This certain trait is something that no other being has ever possessed, nor will any other being possess after.  We generally think of an epiphany as an understanding that only really lasts a moment.  This epiphany is just so, however; even though true love lasts a lifetime, a lifetime is actually only an instant in the entire scheme of existence as a whole.  For those who have not experienced true love yet, this concept is completely alien, but for those who are under its spell, this idea is as easy as understanding the fact that 2 2=4.  The amazing part about this is that this reduces our world to the idea of only one man for one woman. 
You may ask then, why do so many people go an entire lifetime without connecting with their soul mate and living happily ever after?  Several factors may affect this, such as time, or space, preference, maturity level, or the lack of ability to forgive. 
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