Greenest Green, Bloodiest Red.

My heart breaks for you

Thus I cannot imagine

The damage to your present soul.

You carved a hole in my core;

Although I am complete in him,

That void naught be filled.

He's The One!

The One that generations of old

Have carried through myth

To the hopes of every being still today.

But you-


You took breath from my breast

Extracted it and inhaled it

Like the cold winter sucks the warmth

From a child's mouth.

I have restored myself.

Awoken from a deep sleep

Reemerged in the world

After nursing my wound.

But, oh-

I must still take care

Hide my hole

But you see it now.

I could have been blind from birth

And I would still know

The greenest green

That resides calmly

Between those eyelids.

I remember,

That calm sea

Used to rock me to sleep

When I shook.

Here you stand-

Hole in heart,






I can never come back.

I have curtained my eyes from you

I live for him

I devote myself to him.

But I still have a rupture in my heart.

Everyday, it heals a whisper more

But it will never completely dissipate.

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